What is Omicron How is Omicron dangerous for Asthma Patients - Dr. Virendra Singh

What is Omicron? How is Omicron dangerous for Asthma Patients?

The new variant of the coronavirus, the Omicron variant, has entered India. According to a report, the first omicron virus was identified in South Africa. Doctors in Asthma Bhawan found that patients with Omicron had symptoms of extreme fatigue, muscle aches, sore throats, and a dry cough. Some patients also had some fever.

Symptoms are seen in the patient of Omicron-

Omicron variant

So far, the best Covid Care hospital in Jaipur has shown three major symptoms of Omicron in adults and children. These three symptoms are persistent cough, high fever, and loss of taste. There are other symptoms as well, which indicates that this new variant is targeted. But according to Asthma Bhawan’s Dr. Virendra Singh, if these three major symptoms appear, treatment should be started immediately, these symptoms should not be removed.

How is Omicron dangerous for Asthma Patients?

Both corona and Asthma disease affect the lungs the most. If a person has advanced asthma and there is a lot of inflammation in their lungs, then the symptoms of Omicron can be severe in such people. So controlling your asthma at this time can help fight corona as well. For that, you can consult the Best Asthma Hospital in Jaipur.

Coronavirus is considered serious in asthma patients. Researchers say that asthma patients are less likely to have corona.

Asthma expert Dr. Virendra Singh says that asthma patients usually use inhalers which help them to fight corona easily. Inhaler prevents severe corona symptoms in asthma patients.

Patients who inhaled budesonide had less need for immediate medical care or hospitalization if they had corona. Not only has this but the recovery time of these patients also been reduced. This drug also reduces the symptoms of corona in patients.

Asthma Patients Safety Tips-

The biggest challenge for asthma patients is to wear a mask. Most asthma patients complain of shortness of breath when wearing a mask and difficulty breathing. In that case, if you do not want to wear a mask, do not leave the house at all. If in any case, it is necessary to go out of the house, try to apply a light cotton cloth mask.

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