COVID-19 Third Wave Is this the last wave of COVID-19 Dr

The period of the pandemic is still going on. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a serious toll all over the world. Many new variants occur and even are still coming out. India’s ongoing resurgence of COVID-19 from the first to the third wave is still ongoing. COVID-19 Third Wave is spreading at a rapid speed it; is infective along with the burden on the healthcare system. 

COVID-19 Third Wave | Is this the last wave of COVID-19 | Omicron Variant

COVID-19 Third Wave had come with the new variant named Omicron. The new variant cases in India had increased with rapid speed. For some weeks Omicron has been on the upward trend. The second wave was unforgettable in India and globally. 

Is New Variant Of COVID-19 Omicron is dangerous

COVID-19 Third Wave is not so dangerous. The new variant showed mild symptoms but it has a high transmission capacity. The main focus of the treatment in the third wave was on isolation and having proper treatment at home. Health issues were not so severe that they needed to be hospitalized. The third wave in India is the current wave people are suffering from. It is more like a flash flood. The cases in the third wave were raised all of a sudden in two or three weeks and also declined in two or three weeks equally. Delhi and Mumbai were the states in India that experienced such a situation. There is no peak of the third wave. The cases are high and getting higher at every level.

NeoCov COVID-19 Variant

This comes days after Chinese scientists discovered the NeoCov coronavirus strain in South African bats. However, scientists all across the world are warning that the threat level to humans has yet to be determined. NeoCov has been linked to the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), a viral disease that was originally discovered in Saudi Arabia in 2012. Antibodies targeting SARS-CoV-2 or MERS-CoV could not cross-neutralize NeoCov infection, according to the researchers. Because it has a higher infection rate than before, this new NeoCov Covid Variant has a significant fatality rate. As a result, it poses a considerable danger of human death.

Is This the Last Wave of Corona Virus

COVID-19 Third Wave

All of us are keen on the ongoing pandemic Covid-19 Third Wave to end. Everyone has a question” Is This the Last Wave of COVID-19”? Omicron Wave results in the antibody levels in those who are vaccinated to be at the level so that those antibodies can protect from future infections, it is hoped that the pandemic could be over very soon. All countries need to be vaccinated against the pandemic. Allover vaccination is the only way left to overcome the situation. Every country likely reaches COVID-19 endemicity at a different level. 

Best Treatment

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