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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the name for a collection of lung diseases including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and chronic obstructive airways disorder. People with COPD have problems breathing, essentially because of the reduction of their airways, this is known as airflow obstruction. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is an umbrella term used to explain increasing lung diseases including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, refractory (non-reversible) asthma, and several varieties of bronchiectasis. This disease is identified by increasing breathlessness. Several of us confuse their increased breathlessness and coughing as a regular part of aging. You begin to discover the symptoms in the further detailed steps of the disease. That’s why you must ask Dr. Virendra Singh as quickly as you see any of these symptoms. Ask the Best COPD Expert in Jaipur about taking a spirometry test.

Best COPD Expert in Jaipur | what are the stages of COPD?

The COPD stages are included by spirometry grading. There’s a GOLD classification in all grading systems for COPD stages.

symptoms of COPD

What are the symptoms of COPD?

In the beginning, symptoms of COPD are usually quite easy. Symptoms can get progressively more dangerous and harder to ignore. Because the lungs grow extra damaged, 

you’ll experience:

  • the briefness of breath, back even moderate activity like walking up steps of stairs
  • wheezing, or loud breathing
  • breast tightness
  • chronic disease, with or without slime
  • require to remove mucus from your lungs at a time
  • common diseases, flu, or another respiratory infection
  • loss of strength

In the next stages of COPD, symptoms may further involve:

  • fatigue
  • swelling of the feet, ankles, or legs
  • weight loss

COPD Causes- Best Pulmonologist in Jaipur, India

In a developing country, the only important reason for COPD is smoking cigarettes. Approximately 9 out of 10 persons in India who are undergoing COPD are both smokers or become a habit of smoking earlier.

COPD Causes

The different causes of COPD include illness to chemicals and fumes in your workplace, and regular expression to pollution, dust, dirt, and pollutants also can cause COPD. You can consult the best Asthma Expert in Jaipur.

Emergency medical care is required if:

  • you have bluish or gray fingernails or lips, as this symbolizes lowering oxygen levels in your blood
  • you seem messy, confused, uncertain, or low
  • your heart is running

If you are experiencing any of the presented symptoms then quickly consult the Best Pulmonologist in Jaipur, India for COPD treatment.

COPD Stage

Stage 0 – At risk:

Symptoms include coughing and noticeable slime. If

 you smoke, quit immediately. It might understand to reassess your diet and workout systems to improve overall health and energy.

Stage 1 – Mild:

At this stage, some people still don’t see any symptoms, which can include chronic disease and enhanced mucus production. If you visit Best COPD Expert in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India now, the possibilities are you’ll begin operating a bronchodilator as needed.

Stage 2 – Moderate:

Symptoms are getting extra noticeable. to the cough and mucus, you’ll begin to feel the brevity of breath. You’ll want a long-acting bronchodilator.

Stage 3 – Severe:

Symptoms become extra common, and you’ll become irregular flare-ups of severe symptoms. You would possibly notice that it’s difficult to work regularly. Your doctor the Best COPD Expert in India may prescribe corticosteroids, different medicines, or oxygen treatment.

Stage 4 – Very severe:

Symptoms are improving, and it’s more difficult to fin

ish daily works. Flare-ups are usually life-threatening. You’ll be a competitor for surgery.

Diagnosing COPD

There’s no individual test for COPD. Diagnosis is predicated on symptoms, a physical test, and test results. Once you visit the doctor, make certain to mention all of your symptoms. Inform your physician if:

  • you’re a smoker or have smoked in the history
  • you’re presented to lung troubles on the work
  • there’s a case history of COPD
  • you have asthma or another respiratory disease
  • you use over-the-counter or prescription medicines

While the physical test, the best Chest Expert in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India will hear your lungs using the stethoscope as you will breathe. There are different tests that different doctors will perform:

  • Spirometry
  • Imaging tests of the chest similar to X-ray or CT Scan
  • Blood test to live blood oxygen, CO2, and another important level.
COPD Treatments in Jaipur- Best COPD EXPERT in Jaipur, India

COPD treatments can reduce the symptoms, and may also stop other complications plus decrease down the disease progress. The doctor Best Chest Expert in Jaipur will prescribe you any medicines as per your COPD stage and treatments.

COPD Treatments in Jaipur

Therapy can relieve symptoms, stop complications, and normally quiet disease progress.


Bronchodilators are medications that assist decrease the muscles of the airways so you can breathe more naturally. To reduce the chance of another respiratory infection, ask the Best Allergy Doctor in Jaipur, Rajasthan if you ought to get an annual flu shot, pneumococcal vaccine, and a tetanus booster that has stability from pertussis or pertussis.

Oxygen therapy

If your blood oxygen levels are low, you can get oxygen through a mask or nasal spines to help you to breathe well. A transportable complement can perform it easier to move around.


Surgery is reserved for critical COPD or when other treatments have left, which is also possible once you become emphysema. Lung transplantation is an option in some cases.

Lifestyle changes

Certain lifestyles differences can also assist ease your symptoms or give relief. These involve:

  • If you smoke, stop. Your doctor, Dr. Virendra Singh can suggest relevant products or support assistance.
  • Whenever possible, avoid used smoke and synthetic fumes.
  • Get the food your body requires. Work together with your doctor or dietician to produce a healthy eating strategy.
  • Communicate to your doctor about what balance of activity is safe for you.

Diet advise for people with COPD

There’s no special diet for COPD, but good nutrition is important for supporting overall health. Choose a variety of nutritious meals from these groups:

  • Herbs and Vegetables
  • Nuts and Fruits
  • Multigrain
  • Protein
  • Dairy

In Jaipur, you’ll get the best COPD treatment and for Asthma, and other breathing diseases by the leading Best Pulmonologist in Jaipur, Dr. Virendra Singh. He has huge knowledge in treating patients in a very short time.