What causes interstitial lung disease ILD Treatment Dr. Virendra Singh

Introduction: ILD is a group of lung disorders that includes scarring of lung tissues which affects the breathing rate of a person eventually. It is also referr to as pulmonary fibrosis. Scarring or inflammation of the interstitium occurs in ILDs. Interstitium is a network of tissues that surrounds the air sacs of lungs scarring of which causes short breath and coughing i.e., breathing rate of a person is hampered. This reduces the supply of oxygen in the body.  What Causes Interstitial Lung Disease includes varied lung disorders most of which are somehow related because they all begin with a common condition which is inflammation, such as bronchiolitis, alveolitis etc. proper diagnosis of these disorders is necessary to eliminate them from the body. However chronic cases can only be controlled and symptoms can be monitored. Visit Dr. Virendra for accurate diagnosis followed by treatment as per the requirement of the disease.

What Causes Interstitial Lung Disease | ILD Treatment | Dr. Virendra Singh

Dr. Virendra Singh is a leading chest expert in India. So, He has treated many patients with chronic history of diseases. His area of expertise includes Asthma, COP, ILD. Sleep apnea and many more. He is the leading asthma specialist of our country and is a pioneer in the field of respiratory medicine where in he has worked for past 40 years. 

Scarring or damage of lung tissues leads to permanent loss of ability of tissues of exchange of gases. There are different forms of ILD some of which are acute while others are chronic. Acute forms of ILD last for a short period of time where as Chronic forms of ILD are long term diseases and don’t go away. 

Causes of Interstitial Lung Diseases:

Interstitial Lung Disease

Dr. Virendra explains What Causes Interstitial Lung Disease and How ILD triggered in the body. It is the abnormal healing response of the body when any form of injury occurs inside the lungs. Our body precisely generates tissue repair usually, but when goes awry causes scarring of the tissues in the alveolar region. This scarring or inflammation causes thickening of the sacs reducing the space for gaseous exchange. 

Causes of ILD could be many and can evoke damage accordingly. 

Common causes of ILD are: 

 – smoking

 – exposure to substances from the environment such as organic and inorganic dusts.

 – potential airborne toxins from workplace. 

Risk factors:

Certain factors increase the susceptibility towards Interstitial Lung diseases. 

  • Weak immune responses- People with slow immune responses such as old aged individuals have potentially high risk of developing such disorders. 
  • Smoking- just like any other lung disorder, smoking triggers and worsens the condition of these disorders as well especially when there is history of emphysema associated. 
  • Occupational toxins- more exposure to pollutants in occupational places like mines, construction sites, certain industries, increase the risk of ILDs. 


Visit Dr. Virendra Singh, leading chest expert in India for best consultation and advice for required treatment. ILD is one the areas of his expertise. Treatments of these disorders may vary depending on the type & duration, scarring and symptoms. Lung damage is most often irreversible, which is why we rely on relieving symptoms. Most of these diseases have no cure but requires monitoring so as to prevent them from worsening. 

Treatment techniques might include:

  •  oral medication
  •  oxygen therapy, which helps in delivering extra oxygen to facilitate breathing.
  •  pulmonary rehab helps in improving lung efficiency and endurance.
  •  in severe cases lung transplantation.