How to Improve Your Lungs Health - Dr. Virendra Singh

As our body ages, its organ begins to age as well. They require as much attention as our joints or heart or any other vital parts of the body. Especially with increasing environmental pollution and lifestyle disturbances, immediate attention is required to check many lung disorders which can be simply prevented with few changes and flexible habits. Decreasing environmental quality degrades the strength of the lungs, and less physical workout adds up to the deteriorating health of the lungs, which is why Dr. Virendra suggests a few tips for How to improve your lungs health.

How to improve your lungs health? Increase lungs capacity: Dr. Virendra SinghImprove Your Lungs Health

Dr. Virendra Singh is a leading asthma specialist in our country and is an expert in respiratory abnormalities. He is a pioneer in the field of respiratory diseases and is working in the field for about 40 years. He had been instrumental in establishing prestigious institutions Asthma Bhawan working in the field of asthma research & tobacco deaddiction.

Following are the tips How to Improve Your Lungs Health as suggested by Dr Virendra.

Stop smoking: 

Smoking has life-threatening effects on the lung health, not just for a person who is smoking, but also for the person who is inhaling. Smoking increases the inflammation in the airways of the respiratory tract, excessive mucus secretion and inflamed tissues make it difficult to breathe. Narrowing of airways is the cause of short breath in this case. Quitting smoking always starts to improve lung health within a few months, although it takes several attempts and a strong will to leave this form of addiction. Dr. Virendra is currently working in the field of tobacco deaddiction, consult him for tips and ways to quit smoking for the betterment of your own health and people around you. 

  • Exercise daily:

Exercising has many benefits, from keeping body in shape to the proper functioning of several organs, the lungs being one of them. When a person works out, his/her heart pumps more blood to increase the supply towards a muscle. Along with the heart, our lungs increase their respiratory activity to continue a regular supply of oxygen to prevent any shortage inside the body. Exercising keep the muscles between our ribs and diaphragm healthy enough to keep regular activity at its full capacity which otherwise slows down in the absence of physical activities. 

  • Breathing exercises:

Dr. Virendra suggests, that a variety of deep breathing exercises can improve lung functioning. Breathing exercise can help to improve the vital capacity of the lungs, which is the maximum amount of air that can be inhaled or exhaled from our lungs. Even a few minutes of breathing exercises such as deep breathing, can be beneficial for the lungs. one must increase the duration of deep breathing starting from 2 minutes and increasing the time gradually to make our lungs used to the exercises. Overall efficiency and efficacy of the lungs can be improve too. 

  • Stay away from pollutants:

As easy as it can be said, it is difficult to completely stay away from different forms of pollutants- both indoor and outdoor. Prolonged exposure to pollutants can damage the airways and eventually the lungs wherefrom the respiratory centre is compromise, it is thus necessary to keep in check the exposure to such agents that cause such damage.

Reducing exposure requires attention and understanding of the type of pollutants present around us and then taking remedial steps such as avoiding exercises in areas with high emission of gases as they gain entry with rapid breathing during exercises. Avoid sitting with the smokers to avoid passive forms of smoke. Avoiding synthetic air fresheners is one way of avoiding indoor exposure to pollutants. 

For better advice consult Dr. Virendra for further assistance.