How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy During Covid-19 XE Variants

How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy During Covid-19 XE Variants– An offense is the most suitable protection for keeping your lung health during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this unusual period, it is vital to not only stay home and work safely whenever and wherever achievable, but it is also critically necessary to keep your lungs and immune system healthy to enhance your health capacity to resist disease or infection. Coronavirus mainly affects our respiratory system, and that’s why it is necessary to keep your lungs healthy. You can lessen the risk of lung damage by following some simple steps by Dr. Virendra Singh– expert in lung diseases.

How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy During Covid-19 XE Variants- Dr. Virendra Singh

We know that the SARS-CoV-2 virus causes COVID-19 infection block respiratory pathways with extremely wide mucus. For the treatments and medical procedures, airways must be open and unblocked. That takes several days. To actively fight off any viral disease, including this, the suitable offense is healthy lungs.

What does covid-19 accomplish to your lungs?

Covid-19 XE Variants

It depends on the immune defenses that each of us has. In general, a young person has an immune system that works better than an old person. And for someone who has chronic diseases (like; diabetes or high blood pressure), the immune system is already fighting against these. And because of the virus, the body no longer holds up and thus the immune defenses collapse. Coronavirus can do the damage and create an extremely vital inflammation in the lung.

Factors that affect lung damage

    • How severe is your disease?
    • What’s your health condition? Or are you following a healthy lifestyle or not?
    • How much care or treatment has the patient gotten or is getting?
    • And your age.

How To Keep Your Lungs Healthy During Covid 19

Here, Lungs Specialist Doctor provides you with some proactive efforts you can take to optimize your pulmonary health.

Quit smoking

  • Smoking not only increases the risk of lung cancer but also increases the risk of diseases like Asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

Do some breathing exercises

  • According to Chest Health Specialist, there is no better way to maintain the lungs than Pranayama. Breathing exercises not only clean your lungs but also improves oxygen flow. Even by doing breathing exercises, stress and anxiety are also reduced.

Some breathing exercises you can follow

  • Use Spirometer
  • Walking
  • Blow up the balloon
  • Purse lipped breathing

Protect yourself from pollution

  • Not only outside, but even we should be protected from the pollution present inside the house. If someone smokes in the house, then due to smoke, many types of chemicals and dust in the house can also cause damage to the lungs.


  • It may not be top of the reason, but proper hydration keeps your lungs lubricated so that irritants and mucus thin out. The regulation of thumb is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water. For example, a 120-pound woman should drink 60 ounces of water or nine glass of water per day.

Eat healthily

Fruits and Vegetables, Carbohydrates, Protein, Dairy Foods, and Healthy Oils- These are the five groups of food items that should be included in your daily diet. By consuming them, you can keep your body or lungs healthy.

You can eat

  • Beet greens
  • Apples
  • Pumpkin
  • Blueberries
  • Green Tea
  • Red cabbage
  • Oysters
  • Pomegranates

Don’t Smoke

  • Tobacco, cigar, marijuana, and vaping smoke should all be avoided. Inhaling anything other than air into your lungs causes them to become inflamed, which can cause lung cancer. Inflammation causes mucus to build up in the lungs, restricting the ability of the lungs to transport oxygen into the circulation. Furthermore, tobacco and vape smoke can contain thousands of chemicals and carbon monoxide, which decrease oxygen in your lungs.

Frequent Hand washing

  • Avoiding contamination of your eyes, nose, or mouth with bacteria that grow on surfaces is one of the best techniques to protect your lungs and prevent infection. The most effective way to do this is to wash your hands with soap and water. If you don’t have availability of soap or clean water, use hand sanitizer and gently rub it into all parts of your hands and fingers.
Social Distancing
  • Right now, it’s vital to obey public health experts’ guidance and stay at home, avoiding crowds as much as possible. If you must go to work (essential service employees), try to keep a social distance of at least 6 feet between you and other people and avoid touching surfaces. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face or hair. Because it prevents the spread of any possible virus, including SARS-CoV-2. Viruses are delicate and don’t perform well in the environment, so the further you can keep yourself away from diseases and pollution, the better.

All these steps may be taken today and every day to maintain your lungs and body in good shape.

After COVID, it is necessary to exercise to keep the lungs healthy. Moreover, you have to take care of some things. To keep the lungs strong, drink plenty of fluids daily and 5 minutes of steam every day. And most importantly, do not make any changes in your lifestyle without the advice of a doctor. In conclusion, you can contact Dr. Virendra Singh  at Asthma Bhawan. He has been treating many patients with lung problems for a long time.