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The tonsils are infected and swollen when they have tonsillitis. This area of the throat and the back of the mouth are covered with oval-shaped lymph nodes. There are two sets of tonsils in our body. So, They are responsible for filtering out bacteria and other microorganisms. It is commonly called tonsillitis when the palatine tonsils are inflamed or infected. Some infections can, however, affect the lingual tonsils and the adenoids. Infection of the pharynx may also occur due to the presence of the infection in the throat and surroundings. 

What is Tonsillitis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, Surgery

Tonsillitis can be categorized into two types:

1. Acute Tonsillitis: This type of infection usually develops rapidly and is cause by bacteria or viruses.

2. Chronic Tonsillitis: In most cases, it is cause by bacterial infections and can last for years if untreated.

Children are more likely to suffer from tonsillitis than adults. There is a high risk of spreading disease.

How to recognize Tonsillitis?

In general, both children and adults experience the same symptoms. 

The following symptoms may occur:

  • Throat infection
  • Having difficulty swallowing
  • Having a fever
  • Migraine
  • Gland swelling
  • Coughing
  • An unpleasant odor
  • Having a dry mouth
  • Disturbed sleep and snoring

It is common for children to experience symptoms such as excessive drooling or excessive irritability.

What are the causes of tonsil?


However, viral infections are the most common cause of tonsillitis. Then the virus causes colds and flu.  

Similar to a throat infection, the EBV virus causes infectious mononucleosis is commonly caused by the following viruses:

  • Adenoviruses.
  • Viruses that cause influenza.
  • EBV (Epstein-Barr virus).
  • Influenza virus.
  • Enteroviruses.
  • Simplex herpes virus.


  • Streptococcus pyogenes most commonly cause bacterial tonsil infaction.
  • Penicillin V is effective in treating this infection. 
  • Pneumonia is the second most common bacterial cause of tonsil infaction. 

How do you treat tonsillitis?

As stated by Dr. Virendra Singh

So, usually does not require any treatment if it is mild, and those with more severe tonsillitis may need to undergo tonsillectomy or antibiotic therapy. Surgery should only be consider if there are more than 4-5 episodes in a year. However, the most commonly prescribed antibiotic is Penicillin. Nowadays, tonsillectomy is only perform in cases of extreme medical necessity.

 How is surgery for Tonsillitis performed?

According to  Dr. Virendra Singh

The tonsils are remove during a tonsillectomy. Adenoids and tonsils are in close proximity to each other. You undergo surgery through your mouth. The recovery is 1 to 2 weeks then, sleeping with your mouth open may cause snoring after surgery. 


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