6 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Asthma Attacks in Winters

6 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Asthma Attacks in Winters: People with respiratory medical conditions, especially Asthma, struggle a lot during winter. This season proves to be dreary for them. Asthma is a chronic condition, and winters create more problems in breathing appropriately. Fundamentally, when you breathe in winter, the cold air irritates the airways leading to mucus production, coughing, and breathless condition. Therefore, all asthma patients need to take care of them during winter.

We have made this blog to help you treat asthma carefully in your comfort space. The blog will represent the best ways to help deal with asthma during winter. So let’s continue reading to study the tips to reduce risk of Asthma during winters carefully. 

What is Winter Asthma?

Do you know “Winter Asthma” is also a term that triggers cold weather? This condition describes the asthmatic conditions to worsen more during cold and symptoms getting more harsh on the body. There is a combination of several things; such as respiratory infections, cold air, increased air pollution, and dry indoor air – these all will make the situation worse and make it hard for the patient to handle his condition.

Asthma in winter is a very common condition, which can be taken care of and handled easily if you take extra care of it. You need to keep yourself safe, keep your body a bit warm, consume a healthy diet, and take extra precautions than regular to manage worsened asthmatic conditions.

Explaining this in a very precise way, you better take medicines on time, avoid asthma triggers, take medical treatment immediately if the condition worsens more, etc. Following the right measures will keep you safe from any worse conditions. 

Causes of Winter Asthma 

The condition of asthma gets worse during winters. There are certain reasons behind it. Here are those reasons mentioned: 

  • Cold Air: When you breathe in cold air, it narrow your airway vessels, which worsen the asthma condition.
  • Respiratory Infections: In the cold weather and crowded indoor spaces, you will meet with many folks. This situation increases the chance to come in contact with respiratory flus and other illnesses; which leads to worsen asthma again.
  • Dry Air: We use heating systems in our home during winters, which dry-up the air indoors. Breathing in dry air can trigger asthmatic symptoms.
  • Increased Air Pollution in the Indoors: The woods we burn, the heater we burn, burning stoves, candles, and other mediums are favorable during winters to keep the environment warm, but at the same time it creates problems in breathing and worsen asthma more. 

6 Tips to Reduce Asthma Condition Worse Symptoms 

Asthma is a medical condition, which is active in all 12 months. But it gets worse in winters, and now you know certain reasons, why? You cannot control the weather, but you can mold your routine, and take extra precautions to be safe from worsen asthma condition in winters. Here are the 6 tips helps in reducing the level of asthma:

1. Keep your Environment Warm and Moisture-Rich 

During winters, we all try to be warm and keep doing things; such as burning woods, burning stoves, etc to stay in hot. However, this can consume moisture from the environment, and make it harder for the patients to breathe in winters. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your environment warm, as well as humid to prevent from worse asthma symptoms by dry air. 

2. Wear Scarf and Masks

The cold air directly splash on your face can trigger asthmatic condition. Therefore, you better wear a scarf and mask to prevent from that cold-breezy air. Covering your face, nose, and mouth with scarf, and then a mask will not only keep you warm, but also helps you breathe fresh air though. 

3. Get a Flu Shot 

Winter asthma can worsen the situation, and makes it harder for the patients to survive this. If you want to prevent from this harsh condition, better you take a flu shot to prevent from further conditions. This shot will reduce the risk of worse asthma condition. 

4. Stay Active Stay Fit

It is better to do exercises regularly during winters. The working out sessions will help the lungs function appropriately, and allow the patient to breathe well. Keeping the physical work-out in tune everyday during winters will make you feel active and feel fit; which automatically reduce the risk of asthmatic situation.

5. Avoid the Triggers 

The burning woods smoke, heaters, burning stoves, candle, strong perfumes, etc; make sure you elimite all the asthma triggers from your everyday life immediately. If the condition gets triggered, it will become hard to handle it. Therefore, better you avoid the triggers before anything happens. 

6. Maintain the Regularity of Medications 

 Don’t you even take the risk of leaving medicine even a single time. It is very important to take medicine on time regularly. If you skip the medicines and inhalers, that will hamper their medical condition. Therefore, we suggest to consult with doctor, take medicines on time, and stay fit. 

Consult with our Expert 

Do you know this huge personality “Dr. Virendra Singh”? He is one of the finest asthma specialists in India, who can handle any type of chronic medical conditions. In case you feel a bit different during winters, you should contact him and take his advices. Following the routine and guidance of Dr. Virendra Singh will help being safe and stay fit during winters though.